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Performance Metrics

Welcome to the City of Lewisville's Performance Metrics portal where we show you live data to determine if we are providing the level of service expected by our residents


The metrics platform is a city-wide transparency initiative. The following are the links to department-specific transparency efforts: 

Police - Finance

Parks & Recreation

Across all age groups, greater access to parks is associated with lower body mass index and reduced risk or obesity. Children's use of neighborhood parks increases by 400% when parks are closer to home. Our goal as a City is to provide parks within a 10 minute walk for all citizens.




Keeping Neighborhoods Maintained

A quality city has a look and feel that makes you want to live there and do business there. In Lewisville, we measure our ability to efficiently fix street problems, sidewalk issues, and enforce codes.

Most Common Violation Types in the Past 30 days

Most Common Rental Violation Types in the Past 365 days

Street / Sidewalk Repairs

Work Orders - Past 30 Days

ChatGPT (AI-created) Image: Sidewalk Repair

Street and sidewalk issues are reported by residents and city staff. The map above shows street and sidewalk service requests that were reported in the past 30 days. They are colored based on whether they were addressed within the goal time. Though projects are evaluated for public safety immediately, some projects not found to be a danger to public safety are placed 'on hold' to include in a larger project for efficiency and cost effectiveness. To view the current streets and sidewalks projects, see the Capital Improvement Dashboard below.

Code Violation Lookup

Below is a dashboard showing the history of code violations. Using this app, you can see open vs closed violations, the location of violations and the code enforcement officer assigned to each zone.

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Code-Violation Dashboard - Screenshot

Development Activity Report

Development Activity Report Screenshot:

On any given day, multiple development projects continue in the City. They include new development, zoning changes, expansions, and more. This tool provides details on current and recently completed construction projects including type and status. For more detailed information and definitions for project types and statuses, please visit the City's Development Activity Report page.