Parks and Recreation Metrics

The Lewisville Parks and Recreation Department's mission statement is in order to create a thriving community through nature and play, we will become the best Parks and Recreation Department in the State of Texas. We will achieve this vision and mission by: 

Providing recreational and educational opportunities for socialization and activity

Developing and maintaining parks, trails, and public spaces

Preserving and restoring our natural resources

Percentage of Residents that Live within a 10-Minute Walk of a Park

This metric tracks the percentage of Lewisville residents that live within a 10-minute walk to a park. 

While our current value is over the national average of 55%, Lewisville is making plans to increase this number to 85% by 2025 and to 100% by 2035.

Across all age groups, greater access to parks is associated with lower body mass index and reduced risk of obesity. Children's use of neighborhood parks increases by 400% when parks are closer to home. Our goal as a City is to provide parks within 10 minutes walk for all citizens. 

Program/Facility Attendance


Lake Park


Sun Valley Aquatic Center*

*This is a seasonal facility

Source Dataset (webpage) (csv)

Source Dataset (webpage) (csv)

Source Dataset (webpage) (csv)

This metric shows the number of service requests and all work orders completed by our Parks and Recreation team over the past year. 

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