Health Services Metrics

The Health Services division oversees the permitting and inspection all food establishment types including restaurants, mobile food vendors, temporary food establishments, and snow cone stands. Inspection frequencies are based upon the public health risks associated with each type of establishment. The division also oversees the city's cross-connection control (backflow) program, the registration of liquid waste haulers, and helps administer the mosquito and public pool inspection programs.

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Restaurant Inspections

The chart to the left displays the number of restaurant inspections conducted by the Sanitarians in the last 12 months. Restaurant inspections are conducted routinely between one and four times annually depending on an establishment's operations. Reinspections may be required if a violation is found though they are not common, as evidenced by the chart.

It's important to note that restaurants may still "pass" an inspection even if violations are found. On a score scale of 0-100, restaurants that score below a 70 "fail" and must cease operations until all critical violations are corrected.

Average Daily Restaurant Inspection Score

Last 30 Days

The running average score of all health inspections completed in the last 30 calendar days. The goal is for the running average to be 90 or greater.

GOAL: > 90%

Percent (%) Passing Inspection

Last 30 Days

Over the last 30 days, the percentage of health inspections receiving a passing score. A passing inspection score is 70 or higher.

GOAL: > 95%

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* Please note that new businesses are not given a score on their first health inspection. Also, General Cart Vendors and Mobile Vendors are only given a "Pass or Fail" score each time they are inspected, these businesses are not included in these metrics.

Other Health Inspections

conducted in the last 90 days

The numbers and graphs below update in real-time.

Restaurant Complaint Inspections

Restaurant complaint inspections are conducted when the Health Services Division receives a complaint or concern from a member of the community.

The total number of restaurant complaint inspections conducted in the past 90 days.

Pre-Opening Inspections

Pre-opening inspections are conducted prior to a new food establishment's first day of operations and may be conducted multiple times to ensure thoroughness and readiness.

The total number of pre-opening inspections conducted in the past 90 days.

Temporary Establishment Inspections

Temporary establishment inspections are conducted for food vendors at special events, so this metric tends to fluctuate with the frequency of special events in the city.

The total number of temporary establishment inspections conducted in the past 90 days.

The chart above shows the monthly number of restaurant complaint inspections conducted by fiscal year.

The chart above shows the monthly number of restaurant pre-opening inspections conducted by fiscal year.

The chart above shows the monthly number of temporary food establishment inspections conducted by fiscal year.

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The list to the left shows all the new restaurants that have received a certificate of occupancy in the last 90 days. Please note that these restaurants may not be open for business just yet. We recommend checking with the establishment directly to confirm operating hours.

Staffing Levels per Division

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Most metrics are updated in real-time, every 15 minutes.