Citywide Metrics

City workers are divided into a dozen departments, each with a different area of focus but all working together toward the common goal of providing exemplary service every day. 

Number of ourLewisvilleTX Requests

Per fiscal year

ourLewisvilleTX Request Types Submitted

Based on the current fiscal year

Average Number of Days to Complete Open Record Requests

This metric shows the average number of days to fill a Public Records Request per month.

Percent of Citizens with Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Citywide Unemployment Rate

Citywide Per Capita Income

Median Age of Citizens in Lewisville

Median Household Income Citywide

Water Conservation Credit Program

Total Number of Approved Applications

This metric displays the total number of approved applications for the Residential Water Conservation Credit Program since the programs inception in April 2018.

Total Lifetime Credits

This metric displays the total lifetime dollar amount credited back to Lewisville residents who applied and were approved for the Residential Water Conservation Program.

The City of Lewisville encourages residents to conserve water, and this program allows utility customers to apply for credits to their water utility bills to offset the costs of certain qualified water-conserving home improvements.

Most metrics are updated daily