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The Lewisville Public Library is a comfortable, inclusive gathering place where the community connects with resources and experiences that inspire and encourage personal enjoyment and growth.

The library aims to inspire reading, cultivate learning, connect people, and to be a partner for success in lifelong learning.

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Number of Library Visits - Past 11 Months

This metric (left) shows the number of library visits over the past 11 months.

You see what events the library is holding this month here!

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Percent Change in Number of Library Visits

Number of library visits in latest submitted month versus the same month last year.

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Percent Change of Total Registered Patrons 

The total number of registered patrons in the library in the last submitted month compared to the month prior.

Library Programs

Take a look at our Lewisville Library Events

The Lewisville Public Library offers a wide array of materials, classes, and events for all ages to help you expand your knowledge, develop critical skills, and explore your world. All programs are free and open to the public.

You can keep up with different library events through Facebook, and the library event calendar. Please note that some events may require registration!

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Number of Child Programs Last Month

Number of Teen Programs Last Month

Number of Adult Programs Last Month

Each of these charts show the number of programs for each age group from last month compared to the same month last year.

Some months may have more events than others.

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The Hive, Lewisville Public Library's makerspace, is home to innovation and creativity.

A place to develop new expertise, to share and work as a team, to explore and experiment, and an open environment that fosters innovation and imagination.

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Percent Change in Library PC Users

PC usage within the library in the last submitted month versus same month last year.

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Percent Change in Held Library Items

Then number of items held at libraries now versus last year.

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Static Metrics

Satisfaction with Library Services 


From our annual resident survey (2022), answering excellent or good when asked about their satisfaction with Library Services

GOAL: >90%

Most metrics are updated daily