Neighborhood Services Metrics

 Neighborhood Services actively fosters partnerships with residents and businesses to ensure a high quality of life for all Lewisville residents and works to ensure a thriving and resilient community by promoting, administering, and managing special programs and projects. 

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Property Enhancement Program (PEP)

The PEP is a reimbursable grant program for Lewisville residents to assist with exterior home repairs. Learn more here.

PEP Projects Completed to Date

This is the number of projects sponsored and completed by the PEP over the lifetime of the program. 

PEP Funds Awarded to Date

The City of Lewisville is proud to have reinvested over $500,000 directly back into the homes of our residents.

PEP Projects Approved this FY

PEP Funds Awarded this FY

Average PEP Project Cost

PEP applicants tend to schedule projects that cost, on average, the amount above.

Average PEP Grant Award

Grant awards vary based on household income and projects costs.

PEP Project Types 

Completed to Date

The chart to the left displays the types of projects the PEP has completed to date. Fences are, by far, the most popular project type. General repair projects such as painting and siding repair are also popular project types amongst applicants. 

PEP Applicant Priority Groups

When needed, the PEP will prioritize applicants that may experience additional financial hardship, including applicants that identify as low-to-moderate (LMI) income, disabled, and/or over the age of 62 years. 

The gauges to the right show the percentage of all grant recipients that identify as one or more of these groups.


Income Recipients

Recipients that Identify 

as Disabled

Recipients that are 

62+ years old 

Listen. Learn. Lead. 

Race & Ethnicity Statistics for PEP Applicants & Awardees

Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP)

The NEP is a reimbursable grant to fund neighborhood improvement and enhancement projects that improves the quality of life for residents in Lewisville.

NEP Projects Completed to Date

NEP Funds Awarded to Date

Love Your Block (LYB)

The LYB is a reimbursable mini-grant of $500 that encourages neighborhoods to organize neighborhood events and complete small projects that build stronger relationships and improve neighborhoods.

LYB Projects Completed to Date

LYB Funds Awarded to Date

For the Love of Lewisville

For the Love of Lewisville is an annual event hosted by the Neighborhood Services division that aims to strengthen community relationships, build resiliency, and beautify the community through volunteer work. 

Last Event 


Oct 22, 2022

Number of Homes Helped at Last Event

12 + 1 park

Number of Volunteers at Last Event

over 150!

Get Ready for the 

Next Event!

Oct 21, 2023

Rock the Block Trailer Applications

Approved this FY

The Rock the Block Trailer is offered to Lewisville neighborhoods at no cost for block parties and contains chairs, tables, games, and wifi if requested. Reservations are first come-first served.

Number of Registered Neighborhoods

As of the Last Updated date below

Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Watches, and Associations may register with the division to qualify for grants and to receive engagement information distributed by staff.

List of Registered Neighborhoods (webpage) (csv)

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)

The purpose of the CDBG program is to provide decent housing, create a suitable living environment, and expand economic opportunities for low-to-moderate income Lewisville residents. CDBG funds are awarded to carry out a variety of community development, housing, infrastructure, and public service needs. Learn more about Lewisville's CDBG program here.

CDBG Funded Partners

CACNT, CASA, Denton County Friends of the Family, PediPlace, SPAN

Service Unit Goals - FY23

Client Goals - FY23

City Funded Partners

CCA, CISNT, Denton County Friend of the Family, HSNT, JTD, NHLC, PediPlace, RSVP, SANT, Salvation Army

Service Unit Goals - FY23

Client Goals - FY23

Staffing Levels per Division

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