Information Technology Metrics

ITS is responsible for providing technology tools and solutions with quality customer service support for the organization to enhance operational efficiency.

This metric displays the number of tickets our help desk receives per month over the past year. 

Here we can see a slight dip in tickets during holiday months but over all the number of tickets has stayed fairly consistent. 

This is a live metric, the current month will constantly be changing.

The different percentages of ticket request types. The majority of the tickets our support team receives are software related, following by various service requests (account unlocks, etc.) 

The percentage of tickets that are incidents (an unplanned outage of some sort that stops people from working) or service requests.

This chart breaks down the percentage of ITS requests per department. Here we can see the majority of requests come from our Police Department, followed by the City as a whole (requests that impact multiple departments), and Public Services.

Staffing Levels

Showing full time positions only

Most metrics are updated daily