Fleet Metrics

DFW Clean Cities Fleet Recognition Award




2021 recognition of fleets that go the extra mile to reduce petroleum and improve the air all North Texans breathe. Each fleet is gauged and scored upon their submitted annual fleet report to determine what level they achieve on a set 100 point scale.

For more information you can see the DFW Clean Cities Fleet Recognition site.

Avg. Vehicle Age per Department + Citywide

This metric (left) shows the average age of city vehicles (in years) per department. This excludes vehicles that are not assigned to specific departments.

The metric below shows the average age of the city's overall active fleet.

For more information about our vehicles, please see our Fleet Repairs Dashboard.

City Fleet - Change in Fuel Usage

The change in fleet fuel usage, starting with the latest full month. The percent change is calculated based on the last 365 days vs the 365 day prior to that.

GOAL: Decrease